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This month’s artist is definitely a special one, and a little different than my past “Meet the Artist” features. Britt Herron is an artist of her home, a wife, a mom to four children, and a woman who simply enjoys making her house a home. She and her husband actually designed the house themselves, making it incredibly special and unique.

a little midcentury-modern mixed with bohemian, plus some vintage goodness thrown in

If I had to label her home style, I’d say it’s a little midcentury-modern mixed with bohemian, plus some vintage goodness thrown in as well. Once you see it though, I think you’ll agree that her style is all her own and SO beautiful! Much of the furniture and decor in her home are things she put her own two hands to. Take a look at her living room!

The chalkboard wall is Britt’s favorite home project to date. It’s fourteen feet wide and seven feet tall. She drew the cacti on it herself. I’ve seen a lot of chalkboard walls in my business, but this one is by far the most impressive to me! I love the layering of textures and styles in this room. Each element is surprising in that you look at it thinking, “Hmmm, I wouldn’t have thought to do that.” But it all comes together beautifully and cohesively. She is constantly rearranging and moving things around, which I can absolutely relate to! We stylists can’t leave things alone for very long 😉

Next up is her kitchen and dining area. She painted the front of the island herself.

I love that Britt has given special attention to every corner. She does an amazing job of balancing neutrals with bright colors. The music area is my favorite! So funky and fun! Next up is her master bedroom.

I’m seriously so inspired by Britt’s home. It’s truly a work of art. It’s one of those homes that doesn’t remind me of anyone else’s. It doesn’t remind me of anything I’ve seen on Pinterest. It’s incredibly unique and stands out among the rest. I can tell just by looking at it that she has worked so hard to make it a warm and inviting space while putting her own personal stamp on it.

These photos only scratch the surface. If you’re on Instagram, you just HAVE to follow her @dreamboatliving to see more photos and even some video tours of her incredible home.Someday, when The Mum’s Corner is a multi-million dollar business (hey, a girl can dream, right?!), I may hire her as my design assistant 😉 Seriously, this girl has so much talent!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Britt through her home as much as I did! Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram! And don’t forget to email and submit your work/home for review if you’d like to be featured on The Mum’s Corner Blog!

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