Hi, and thanks for visiting The Mum’s Corner website! I’m Meghan, and I’m an Interior Decorator, Blogger, and Shop Owner in Dallas/Fort Worth. On my blog, you can read about decorating tips, my favorite recipes, adventures and vacations with my husband, and so much more. You can also view my Portfolio, where I share my work as an Interior Decorator. If you’re interested in learning more about my services, view my Interior Styling Services page. You can also find unique home decor and my collection of pillow covers in my online shop!


My story starts like many others – with discontentment and discouragement and in need of inspiration. I was a newlywed in my very first apartment, trying to create the Pinterest-perfect life and home with time, energy, and money that I didn’t have. I ended up with lots of stuff, stress, and dissatisfaction. In effort to attain perfection, I had forgotten to stay true to my own style, preferences, and creativity. I was almost to the point of giving up, until one day, something shifted.

I realized that in order to experience the joy I was looking for, I had to become grateful for the things I already had, and start getting creative with what I didn’t. To start being okay with things not being perfect or finished. To come to the understanding that this life and this home was mine, and it should reflect just that. It’s not a mindset I’ve mastered; it will always be a process, but I’ve found so much fun and freedom in doing what reflects me and serves me and my family well. So, whether it be through a blog post, a decorating consultation, or a purchasing an item from my shop, my hope is to connect with others and inspire them to do the same! Thanks for visiting The Mum’s Corner!


Grapevine, TX